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Ace Wonder Blueprints

As props for the movie Ace Wonder, I created several faux blueprints.  I threw them together really quick, so didn't put too much thought into them.  I've got concept sketches for all of them--plus a few things that didn't make it to these blueprints--over at my Sketch Club.  Hope y'all enjoy!

Bread Tanning Machine

Esthetic Faucette

Geary Hovercraft

Steampunk Psuedolantern

Space Wagon

For a refresher of my multifaceted work on the movie Ace Wonder, check out my original blog post.  To pre-order the film (DVD's arrive in August) go to Walmart or Amazon.  Again, I've posted sketches for these blueprints, storyboards, other concept art, and whatnot in my Sketch Club.  I hope you check it out!

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